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AboutAmira Saleh, MS Degree, MCP

A woman sat impatiently waiting by the phone waiting for help desk at a local University.  The computer that needed immediate solution also was used for mathematical analysis and estimating cancer risk from exposure to chemicals.  The molecular biology graduate student grew tired of waiting for three days for the university help desk to arrive and decided to fix the university computer herself.  She not only fixed it but added to the capabilities because the study called for it.

So it began.  PhD's calling the Grad student to request help with their own computers they needed to work to conduct their research.  Life being what it is when the mystery of computers became demystified by Amira Saleh. She aquired the Masters in Microbial and Cellular Molecular Biology.

The calls and emails flooded in and PC Graphics Etc. (PCGE) was Born.

The mission:  Help them achieve their passion with the right tools. Period.

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PCGE continues its 22-year track record of supporting area small to mid size businesses with affordable, turn-key IT solutions:  Expert Single Source Technology Solution- Managed  IT & Voice, Data Center Services, Storage, Virtualization, Networks  and Technical Support, Web Application Development, Managed Hosting and Design Work, Expert Custom Computer, Server and Network Configuration and Peripherals


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